Your site visitors have questions.

Let them speak to you through the browser with a live-audio chat app, embedded in your site. There are no phones involved and it takes just two lines of code to install.

I can't wait. I need this now.

Your site visitors need your help to become customers, and stay customers.

Provide lightning-fast, high-throughput sales and support. Questions are answered in seconds, not minutes, hours or days.

Capture more interested users. Increase qualified leads and conversions. No more "wonder and wander" from your visitors.

Understand the needs and wants of your prospects. Steer with speed and confidence towards product-led growth and product-market fit.

See Mantis in Action.

Ditch the digits - there are
no phones required.

Both parties speak directly through the browser. We offer a convenient web app for site agents.

With crisp, low-latency WebRTC audio, your site visitors can call from anywhere in the world. For the first time, your internet business can offer a storefront experience to the entire globe.

Get up and running with two lines of code.

Mantis is free for a month, then $30/month afterwards. Cancel risk-free at any time.